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I first got interested in soap making when I saw some pretty soaps on social media. I like to make things myself and thought maybe one day I would try it. 


A couple of years later I ended up going to my Mom’s house for a Girl’s Night. My Mom, sister, and I decided to make some soap. My Mom had some supplies - so I tried some things out. I was instantly hooked. 


I decided to start buying my own supplies so I could make soap for fun. As I continued to make soap, I got better and my husband mentioned that he thought I could sell them.


He was right! Within a few weeks, I was selling soap. I didn’t have an official business, so my sales were from word of mouth mostly. As sales continued to increase my husband and I decided to start up a real business. I make the soap and my husband does our photography and design work.


I want to give a big shout out to my husband as I couldn’t do this without his support or his sweet, sweet skills!


Also, thank you to all our family and friends for your support! We love you!

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