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How To Help Change Lives For The Better In A Unique Way. 

The CWS Best Gift Catalog is a fun way to donate and an eye-opening experience. I've heard throughout my life about other people, on different continents, struggling for the basic necessities of life. I've also seen TV commercials talk about places like Africa and that if we would donate money we could help save a life, but never really explaining how or what they plan to do with that money. This is why I love the CWS Best Gift Catalog. 

The CWS Best Gift Catalog actually explains what they're going to do with the money because you actually purchase the food and/or services that will be provided. For example, you could purchase a cow for a family in Haiti or buy some chickens for a family in Tanzania. Crazy right! You could also buy a "Dignity Kit" for women in Serbia. There are so many options that would mean a lot to people. 

If able, donations could also be made on a monthly basis thru their Sustaining Partners program (learn more). 

Also, if you're having a difficult time picking on what to purchase/donate you can just provide a monetary donation (learn more). You really couldn't go wrong with any of the options offered.


A Dignity Kit For The Women Of Serbia.

To help make this a more special experience as well as a learning opportunity, we suggest that you review the CWS Best Gift Catalog with family members and/or friends. Doing so will help you and those around you have a greater appreciation for the things you have and most importantly, each other. Also, if you're unable to donate, DO NOT feel bad or think that you have any less worth for not being able to do so. There is always something that you can do. For instance, you can find ways to provide service with the talents that you have. Another way to help is by sharing information about the CWS and organizations alike. 

To learn more about the history as well as goals of the CWS click here

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